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Crash Videos

Date Name Size Description
3/21/02 Alastair Cochrane - Dogleap 2000

Location #1
Location #2

1.58 mb Alastair Cochrane and Gavin Burrows roll their Ford Escort G4 off the road at the Dogleap Stages Rally 2000.  They get back on track with the help of spectators.  From Rally Information Service.
2/2/03 Best Motoring Honda S2000 Crash


1.80 mb A Best Motoring test driver spins a Honda S2000 off the track.  From CrazyDriving.net.
7/27/02 Circuit of Ireland '98 - George Tracey 537 kb George & Alan Tracey take a corner too hot and hit a tree in their Subaru Impreza at the 1998 Circuit of Ireland Rally.  From WorldRallying.info.
  Colin McRae's Legacy 544 kb Early 90's clip of Colin McRae crashing a Subaru Legacy rally car.
7/27/05 Cop Crashes Into Wall

556 kb, Location #1
556 kb, Location #2
1.34 mb

A Los Angeles cop crashes into a furniture store wall during a 7/26/05 chase of a murder suspect in a Honda Accord.
11/5/03 Cop Hits a Deer

Location #1
Location #2

1.25 mb A Minnesota police officer hits a deer at night going 90-95 mph.
7/27/05 Cops Chase a White Honda Accord

WMV, 54.3 mb:
WMV, 8.0 mb:

Los Angeles cops chase a white Honda Accord on 7/26/05 driven by a murder suspect for 22 minutes.  Features a cop crashing through a wall of a furniture store near the end.
  Corvette Crash

WMV, 1.79 MB
AVI, 2.43 MB

Late-model Corvette loses control on the far end and skids off the pavement at an autocross, taking out a spectator.
  Corvette Crash 2.43 mb Late-model Corvette loses control on the far end and skids off the pavement at an autocross, taking out a spectator.
  Crash into Tree

Location #1

905 kb Eamonn McAleenan drives his Peugeot 306R4 into a tree at the 1998 Lurgan Park Rally.
  Five Flips 1.46 mb An MG Metro 6R4 rally car crashes and flips five times.
  Ian Rock 326 kb Ian Rock loses control of his Ford Fiesta on a straightaway at the '99 Eurocables Stages Rally.
5/11/02 Jerry Caminito Crash

Location #1

1.64 mb Jerry Caminito crashes his NHRA dragster in the mid 90's during a 1/4 mile race. His 5-point harness broke on the initial impact, but he suffered only minor injuries and survived.  From CrazyDriving.net.
8/5/03 Lithuanian Police vs. Motorcycle

Location #1
Location #2

1.2 mb A cop takes aggressive action to stop speeding motorcycles in Lithuania.  From Auto Moderna.
  O'Rourke vs Tree 731 kb Brendan O'Rourke crashes his Skoda Felicia into a tree at the '98 Circuit of Ireland.
  Oulton Park 4.54 mb In-car video of a leisurely lap around the track at Oulton Park, 5/7/99.   Includes a crash of a Subaru Impreza into the wall near the end of the clip.
  Porsche Double-Crash

Location #1

924 kb Two Porsches crash into a wall on a racetrack.
4/28/02 Racing Beat RX-7 Crash 5.28 mb The Racing Beat RX-7 flips over at 215 mph.  From CrazyDriving.net.
  Renault 499 kb A Renault rally car loses it on the outside of a muddy corner.
8/22/05 Supra TT Dragster Wipes Out

604 kb, Location #1

604 kb, Location #2
1.44 mb

3.57 mb

A Toyota Supra Twin Turbo dragster loses control at the end of a half-hearted run at the dragstrip.  Thanks to Tabib for this video.
  Track Crash 1.13 mb Multi-car crash at a European track race.
  Vauxhall Bad Day

Location #1

1.89 mb In-car video of a Vauxhall having some trouble staying on the narrow course at the Sony International Manx Rally.


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